Saturday, April 4, 2009

Le Patissier: Where's The Love?

What is the best Dessert Place in Boston? One answer immediately comes to my mind and it hit my list of Favorites of 2008 this past December. The best Desserterie in the city is Le Patissier, located in the Troquet Restaurant in Boston. Pastry Chef Sarah Woodfine is extremely talented and is creating some incredible desserts, including superb souffles.

Yet for some odd reason, it seems off the radar for many people. When they think of dessert, Le Patissier does not come to mind. Why is that so? It remains though a hidden treasure and receives my highest recommendation.

What really brought this to mind was the latest "Best of 2009" poll in the Boston Phoenix. They have a poll for Boston's Best Dessert Place and there are five candidates listed, plus the ability to write in your own candidate. The listed candidates includes: Finale, Kickass Cupcake Co., Mike's Pastry, Petsi Pies and Sweet. Who selected these candidates? Two cupcake stores on the list? I just can't see either of them having the best dessert in Boston. Why wasn't Le Patissier listed?

Well, I did write in Le Patissier as Best Dessert Place. I am not sure how much success a write-in candidate will have, but I encourage everyone who has even been to Le Patissier and enjoyed their concoctions, to write them in. Throw your support to a hidden treasure in the city.

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