Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Recipes & Recommendations

The Thanksgiving holiday approaches and some people might have already started to panic. Will you eat at home, go to a friend or relative's home, or dine out at a restaurant? If you are cooking, are you looking for a new recipe to try?  Which wines should you serve? So many decisions to make, so let me offer a little assistance and maybe ease your worries.

First, stop worrying that everything needs to be perfect. It really doesn't. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together, to be thankful for everything they have, and it is not a time for nitpicking. It is a time for fun and enjoyment, to relax and chat, to savor the day. So, as long as the food and wine is good, no one will really care that it might not be "perfect," whatever that term might mean.

Now onto some specifics:

If you are looking for some new recipes to try, I have several Easy Thanksgiving Recipes for you, including Buffalo Chicken Dip, Sangria, Double Corn Pudding, Special Potato Casserole and Swedish Apple Pie. Just about anyone can make these easy recipes, yet they contain plenty of great taste.

If you would rather dine out at a restaurant, check out my list of 9 restaurants in the Boston area, from Russell House Tavern to Aura Restaurant, offering special Thanksgiving menus this year. Avoid all the time and effort of cooking your own meal, and cleaning up the mess afterwards, and dine out instead.

Need a wine recommendation? You could consider Sherry or Sake, both which are very food friendly and actually would pair well with your Thanksgiving feast. Or you can consider some general advice I previously gave, Thanksgiving: I Want Wines To Make People Smile. Don't sweat your wine choices.


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