Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cochon 555: A Huge Pig Fest

How much do you love pork? Does the idea of eating a pig from snout to tail entice you? If so, then I bet you will be interested in Cochon 555, a special pig fest that is coming to Boston in April.

Five local chefs will each prepare a 70-pound heritage pig, from snout to tail, for 200 guests. Each pig can be pre-cooked, braised, grilled, pressed, pickled, rubbed, smoked, seared, sauced, spiced, injected, marinated, cured in any way, or otherwise prepared. The participating chefs include: Jamie Bissonnette of Toro; Jason Bond of Beacon Hill Bistro; Tony Maws of Craigie on Main; Joseph Margate of Clink, and Matthew Jennings of Farmstead. The guests and some professional judges will determine which of these five chefs is the winner, based on their creativity, classic preparation and the overall flavor of their dishes.

To accompany all that pork, five family-owned wineries will provide wine, though the exact wineries have not yet been identified.

This event, a Taste Network event, will be held on April 5, from 5pm-8pm, in Boston at a location to be determined. Tickets cost $125 per person. You can buy tickets here and tickets are obviously limited so buy earlier if you want to guarantee a spot.

With some very talented chefs, tons of food and wine, this should be an incredible culinary event and one which I am very likely to attend. I look forward to the multitude of ways the chefs will prepare their pigs, as well as to maybe try some parts of the pig I have never tried before.

Note: I will add additional information about the event once I learn more.

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