Monday, February 2, 2009

Food Should Taste Good

The Boston Wine Expo has a number of food vendors on the outside aisles where you can sample their goodies. It is a good place to stop during your wine tasting, to help cleanse your palate as well as to help you from getting too intoxicated. Though I enjoyed some of what I tasted, one food item stood and which I want to recommend.

Food Should Taste Good, Inc. produces a delicious line of flavored "chips." Their website claims "The chips combine the crunchiness of a chip, the crispness of a cracker, and the dippability of a tortilla chip."

I have to agree with their sentiment as these chips are crisp, crunchy and strong enough to be very dippable.

Pete Lesco founded the company in 2005 and they make chips with all natural ingredients. These chips are gluten free, cholesterol free, certified Kosher, dairy/lactose free, have no trans fats, and have no genetically modified ingredients.

The chips are currently available in seven flavors including: multigrain, jalapeno, chocolate, olive, the works, sweet potato, and buffalo. I am sure additional flavors will eventually be added. The chips are available in 1 ounce (about $1-$1.50) and 6 ounce bags (about $3-$5). At the Expo they had a special of four 6 ounce bags for $10.

After tasting some samples, I bought a couple bags of both the sweet potato and buffalo. The sweet potato chips are delicious, and definitely remind me of sweet potato with a bit of sweetness. They are not overly sweet though and are an addictive snack. The chips are thick enough to stand up to any dip without breaking and have a nice crunch to them. The buffalo chips are made with cayenne pepper, vinegar, and garlic and they have an excellent spicy flavor though not overly hot. Their taste and smell reminds me of buffalo wings and they are like spicy tortilla chips, though thicker. I melted some Mexican cheeses atop a plate of these chips and was very happy.

The chips are available at many grocery stores, including Stop & Shop, Shaws, and Whole Foods. Not all stores though may have all of the available flavors. I highly recommend these chips as delicious and fairly healthy snacks.


Pam said...

The olive ones are fantastic!!

Holoholo Girl said...

Although initially dubious, I am hereby completely addicted to their chocolate t-chips!

Richard Auffrey said...

I am glad to see that others enjoy these chips as well!