Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WBW #55: North vs South

The theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #55 has now been announced and it may lead to more drinking than the usual WBW event. Rémy of The Wine Case is this month's host and he has chosen an intriguing theme, one which may be quite informative in the end. The title of the theme is: North vs South.

Your task is to compare two different wines, one from the "north" and one from the "south, to see how they differ." There are multiple ways in which you can do this, such as: "Northern hemisphere vs Southern hemisphere. North vs South within a country: how the Barossa compares with Tasmania. Or even within a single region: how pinots from the northern end of Burgundy compare with those at the southern end."

The only restriction is that you must compare similar types of wine. For example, two wines that use the same grape, such as Pinot Noir or two similar blends. That only makes sense so that you get a true idea of how the different locations affect a wine. This should be a fun theme and will take a bit of thought to decide on which wines I will compare.

On or before, Wednesday, March 18, post your tasting review on your blog. Then just add a comment on the North vs South post with a link to your review. If you don't have blog, just add your review as a comment.

As for WBW #54, David of McDuff's Food & Wine Trail has now posted an extensive recap of A Passion for Piedmont. There were over 50 participants in this event and David has done an excellent job in describing all of the entries. It is well worth checking out to see all of the fascinating Piemontese wines out there.

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