Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Date Night Planner for Valentine's Day

I am trying a little experiment today. SpringPad provides free online notebooks that will assist you in managing various aspects of our life, such as contacts, dates, appointments, lists & much more. For example, you can also use SpringPad to find restaurant recommendations.

Launching on February 3, SpringPad will provide a Date Night Planner for Valentine's Day. You can go there to help with your Valentine's Day plans by checking out some of the restaurants which are holding special events or get ideas on other ways to celebrate.

I have already posted about of the restaurants holding Valentine's Day events, including:

Beacon Hil Bistro
Beacon Hill Hotel
Burtons Grill
Pho Republique
Bella Luna & The Milky Way
The Melting Pot
The Beehive

So check out SpringPad and get back to me on your thoughts. Did you find it useful or not?

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