Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poll Results on Finger Lakes Wines

My recent poll titled "What Is Your Experience With Finger Lakes Wines?" has now ended. So what were the results? How did their wines fare? Some of the results were surprising to me.

Based on the responses, Finger Lakes wines seem to be popular and a good number of people have tried them. In fact, about 60% of the respondents have tried a fair share of wines from the Finger Lakes region. That surprised me that so many people had tried a good number of those wines, though there might have been a lot of local respondents. Only 20% of the respondents had never tried any. Maybe most of those people are from California?

What did surprise me is that about 72% of the respondents liked most of the wines they tried from this region. I definitely agree with them that there is much to like from the Finger Lakes. Only 15% of the respondents disliked most of the wines they tried. I don't know how many of those people have only tried a few wines rather than a significant number.

I was also surprised that only 40% of the respondents wanted to try more wines from this region. If 72% enjoyed most of the wines they tasted from this area, I would have assumed all of them would also want to try even more wines. The numbers do indicate though that there is a significant amount of people who want to try wines from the Finger Lakes so hopefully they will become more readily available in the near future.

Please post more detail about your experiences with Finger Lakes wines in the comments. Thanks.

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