Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Wine Bottega: Upcoming Events

The Wine Bottega, a wine store located in the historic North End region of Boston, has some interesting tasting events planned for this month so you might want to check them out.

February 8, from 6pm-8pm: Taste, Snack and Learn!
Wine Tuesdays at Lucca Restaurant with The Wine Bottega. Looking to escape the New England cold? Let us take you on a journey to Southern Italy. You'll feel the sun's rays as we taste the wines of Sicily, Puglia and Campania and sample the region's antipasti.
$25/person. For reservations call: 617-742.9200

February 13, from 5pm-8pm: Sinful Pleasures of Spain
Our Valentine's eve tasting will feature the seductive wines of Spain. The love story continues just down the street at one of our favorite boutique's, The Velvet Fly. From 5pm-8pm, they will transform to aphrodisiacal "Spanish Fly" for their Sinful Pleasures Event. Romance a little Rioja, pick up a coupon and then relax with some retail therapy, now that's a relationship that makes sense!

February 14, from 12pm-8pm: Happy (or Unhappy) Valentine's Day
The Bottega loves you either way! Whether to celebrate or commiserate we'll have some special wines open to share. Special discounts on sparkling wines!

February 18, from 5pm-8pm: Lombardy and Veneto Extravaganza
Our Italian Regional Focus for February is on the regions of Lombardy and the Veneto. The goal is that by the end of month we will be experts on the wines of that region, who's up and coming, who's still on top, what's new and exciting. To accomplish this goal, we need to taste A LOT of wine and we thought you might enjoy joining us on the journey! We will be opening an amazing array of wines from majestic Amarone, stunning Sfursat, a quixotic Quintarelli, silky Soave and many more. This is a not to be missed chance to immerse yourself in the beautiful wines of these two incredible regions.

February 24, from 6pm-8pm: Taste, Snack and Learn!
Wine Tuesdays at Lucca Restaurant with the Wine Bottega. Ever since "Sideways" this wine has left all others in the dust when it comes to popularity. Taste Pinots from many places and understand why they all taste so darn different. We will pair the pinots with some tasty appetizers to enhance this great wine experience.
$25/person. For reservations call: 617-742.9200

February 26, from 6pm to 8pm: Sherry Seminar
Join us for a tasting of the much misunderstood wines of Jerez. We'll begin with the lightest of finos, and sea kissed manzanilla and travel through meaty oloroso, palo cortado and finish off with decadent pedro ximenez. Snacks will be provided as well - these are wines that need to be understood in context.

The Wine Bottega
341 Hanover St.
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 227-6607

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