Friday, May 14, 2010

Le Patissier: Roasted Banana Souffle

Though I have said it repeatedly in the past, it deserves to be said at least once more. Le Patissier, the desserterie within Troquet, remains the best dessert place in the city. And it does not seem to get the recognition that it deserves.

Last evening, I dined with my friend Dale at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse, and we enjoyed a delicious meal. But the dessert menu just did not excite me. Especially when I knew how close we were to Le Patissier. Being that close, there was no question in my mind where I wanted to have dessert, and Dale was more than willing to go too.

Le Patissier recently changed some of the options on their dessert menu, and I had previously been interested in trying the Roasted Banana Souffle. Pastry Chef Sarah Woodfine makes excellent souffles and I love bananas. The Roasted Banana Souffle comes with a maple caramel sauce and wet walnut ice cream. I was not disappointed in the least when it arrived on our table.

The Souffle was light, fluffy and had plenty of banana flavor with slices of fresh banana in it as well. The sauce complemented the souffle and the home-made ice cream was very tasty too. It was an exceptional dessert and I even contemplated ordering a second one, though my better judgment took over. I really didn't need to eat another one, no matter how tempting. But I certainly want to return another time to have it again.

I know I am not alone in my praise of Le Patissier. So, I please ask fans of this desserterie to step forward and add your own words of praise in the comments. And for those who have not eaten there, I highly recommend that you stop there for dessert. I am willing to bet you will be enthralled as well.

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