Monday, May 10, 2010

Rant: Don't Bake Your Wine

It should be illegal, the torture of an innocent wine bottle by the application of intense heat. It is also a far too common crime, especially during the summer months. Please stop this cruel practice, and persuade others to give it up as well. Please save the gentle wine bottle.

Would you lock your child or pet in a hot car with the windows rolled up? I think not. So why do people do so to their wine bottles? The heat can destroy your wine, and I doubt anyone wants to lose the wine they just bought. So do something about it.

Summer is the time for travel, and maybe you will visit a wine shop or winery. You might buy some wine and then need to transport it with you. Often, the wine is just placed into the trunk, and you might leave it there for a couple days, or drive with it for quite a distance. You need to realize that your trunk can get very hot and that heat could adversely affect your wine. It needs protection.

When I travel, I often bring my wine case, which is insulated and holds a dozen bottles of wine. Thus, I can safely transport my wines. It has been invaluable on long trips. You don't need to purchase such a case, though if you often buy wine it can be a good investment. But, carrying some other type of insulated bag, box or other container can be just as good. You need to protect the wine from the heat, keeping it at a cooler temperature.

An insulated container has other uses too if you travel. You might find some food you wish to take home, and that too can be protected on your long drive home. How many times have you stopped at a farmer's market or food shop, and wanted to buy something but worried about it surviving the journey home? An insulated container will resolve that issue.

It is an easy solution to a rampant problem. Save the wine bottle from the heat, so that you don't come home and find your wine is no good. Cherish the insulated container.


Kristi Davis said...

OH my goodness! Such a good reminder. :) Thanks for the chuckle though. BTW, I'm loving surfing through all your local links. Thank you!

Hector said...

Good reminder for us going on road trips this summer. I think that this warning also extends to house interiors. I have been to many friends houses who have their wine racks under direct sunlight where they can get hurt by the direct sunlight and the fluctuating temperatures.

Keep up the rants!

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks Kristi, and I am glad you are enjoying your visit to my blog.

I would agree Hector, and I know people who have done exactly that, and then wondering why their wine was ruined.

Matt mmWine Horbund said...

Living in Florida, I know this all too well. I scold people constantly! They go shopping, put their wine in the car, then go do other errands. In the end, they have, at best, jet fuel. Usually, the cork pops out, the wine leaks in the car, and they don't understand why they aren't fans of Chardonnay. Heat is the #1 enemy of wine.