Sunday, May 9, 2010

Third Anniversary of Passionate Foodie

Three years already? It is almost hard to believe that The Passionate Foodie has been around for three years. That encompasses lots of eating and drinking, and I would hate to make a tally of exactly how much that entails. Some things are better left unknown.

It also seems like the time to take stock of myself and my blog, to consider its direction, and to assess my writing. Do I still want to continue blogging? Is there still something new to write about? Would my efforts be better directed elsewhere? Are I still happy doing what I am doing?

When I consider these questions, the answers come quickly and seem simple. I still retain my passion for food and drink, for writing, and for my blog. The thought of stopping my blog remains a very foreign idea. There is still so much to learn, so much more to experience. I have continued to grow over the past year, getting a bit wiser (I hope), and I want to continue that growth. My audience has grown, and I would like to see it grow even more.

I do want to thank all my readers as well, for your presence as well as your comments and questions. Please keep providing me your input, questions and comments as I have always wanted this blog to be a conversation with my readers.

I want to thank all my family and friends, all who have been so supportive. I am very appreciative as well to all of the new friends I have met through the food and wine community, from fellow bloggers to chefs, from wine store owners to wine makers. Both food and wine are always much better when shared with others.

Maintaining a blog can be lots of work, especially when writing frequently each week. Yet it can be very rewarding as well. To all other food and wine bloggers out there, keep pushing yourself to excel, to write better all the time. Do not be content to be lazy, rather challenge yourself constantly. We better ourselves through facing challenges, and overcoming obstacles.

A great aspect of the local area food and wine blogging community is that there is a thread of unity, of a willingness to help each other. We see each other at local events, and plan our own events to meet and chat together. We share news, answer each other's questions, and lend support. I hope that unity grows even stronger in the future.

What is coming up in my fourth year? We shall see, but I do promise that Saké will maintain a prominent place. Plus, I will be attending this year's Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla, Washington. I won't lack for ideas to write about.

Go forth to eat and drink with passion!


Adam Japko said...

Rich, drop the thought of stopping. You are an inspiration to what could be with regular quality content blended with passion and a healthy brain that is persistently focused on the best of food and wine. Congratulations....three years is pretty serious stuff.

Abigail Cahill O'Brien said...

Congratulation, Richard, three years of blogging is a huge achievement (says she who hasn't yet made it to 1 year). Keep it up! Looking forward to the report from Walla Walla.

Jacqueline Church said...

Congratulations my friend! Well done.

Melissa Dobson said...

Congratulations Richard! Great seeing you and Juanita at TasteCamp this past weekend. See you soon at WBC '10.

Very best,

Constance C said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Dale Cruse said...

Congratulations. I knew you wouldn't quit. As long as the AuffreyBot 3000 is well lubricated, it should continue pumping out content for a long long time to come.

Marco Montez said...

The 2nd paragraph scared me a bit... From this side, I see no reason why you wouldn't continue to do what you do so well. Lately, I've especially enjoyed your Monday rant posts, a great example on how a blogger can find new things to write about that don't really require an enormous effort.

Congrats on the milestone!

Kristi Davis said...

Congrats! I just found your blog, subscribed, and am really enjoying going through it. Glad to hear you won't be stopping!

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks so very much for all your support and well wishes. And no, I have no intent of quitting my blog.