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All About Sake

"O what an ugly sight the man who thinks he’s wise and never drinks sake!
--Otomo no Tabito (c. 662-731)

Sake is an important aspect of The Passionate Foodie and I have written numerous posts on the topic. Though you can search my blog to find all sorts of Sake information, I decided that it might be helpful to my readers to compile the most important links into a single place. This post will be that repository, and as such will be constantly updated when I write another article about Sake. I have not linked to every Sake post I have written, as some possess outdated information, such as mentions of upcoming Sake events. I have also created a separate page for links to all of my Sake reviews, which you can find here.

If you have any Sake-related questions, feel free to email me. Please also remember that I am available for hire for a myriad of Sake services, from restaurant consulting to Sake paired dinners, from Sake tastings to educational classes. You should also check out my Sake-related fiction, the Tipsy Sensei series, which features a Boston-based Sake expert who learns that the supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore are real.

Sake Basics
What is Sake?
Is Sake a Wine or Beer?
Legal Status of Sake In the U.S.
How Does Sake Compare to Wine?
Sake Brewing
Types of Sake
What is Junmai?
Nigori: Unfiltered?
Sake: Chilled vs Warmed
Sake Bottle Labels
Secrets of a Sake Label
Sake Bottles & Cups
Sake in Bottles
Holding Your Sake Cup
Tasting Sake
Sake Terminology
Unanswered Sake Questions
Health Benefits of Sake
The 10,001 School of Sake Brewing

More Sake Types
Habu Sake
Bone Sake
Sleety Sake
Bamboo Sake
Fruit Infused Sake
Sake Nog: Cure For a Cold?
O-Toso Sake
Organic Sake

Sake & Food
Sake & Food
Sake, Amino Acids & Food
Sake Does Not Get Into Fights With Food
The Science of Sake & Food Pairings
Sake For Thanksgiving
Slurping Oysters & Sipping Sake
Pairing Cheese & Sake
Top 10 Sakes To Pair With Your Holiday Cheese Platter
Sake, Seafoood and Lobster Anywhere
Tasting Counter: Putting Sake On The Menu

Nuka & Kasu
Sake Scraps: Nuka & Kasu
Kasu & Cooking
More Uses of Kasu

Sake History
A History Of Sake Brewing in the U.S.
Research & Sources For A History of Sake Brewing in the U.S.
My History of U.S. Sake Breweries Inspires A Journal Article
Historical Tidbits About Sake In The U.S.
An Early History of Sake Brewing in British Columbia
A History of Sake Brewing in Brazil
The Origins & History of Sake (Part 1)
The Origins & History of Sake (Part 2)
The Origins & History of Sake (Part 3)

Sake Customs & Traditions
The Ten Merits of Sake
Sake Customs
Sake Day
Sake Day 2
Sakazuki & Yakuza
Carp Drinking Sake
Shikisankon: Drink Sake, Don't Eat
Shojo & White Sake

Sake Sales & Industry
How Wine Stores Can Sell More Sake
U.S. Sake vs Japan Sake--Context Is Everything
Sake & Shochu: The "National Alcoholic Beverages" of Japan
John Gauntner: Sake Trends & Restaurant Service
Sake Statistics: Ups & Downs
Rant: Drink More Sake Or Godzilla Will Die!
Rant: The Legal Protection of Sake
Protecting Japanese Sake & Rice
Rant: Sake Still Don't Need No Stinkin' Scores!
Ugh! More Stinkin' Scores For Sake From Wine Advocate
Sake Consumption and Export News
Rant: Boston-Area Restaurants, Embrace Sake
Rant: Is Japanese Sake Too Cheap?
Rant: A 100 Point Sake? More Stinkin' Scores From Wine Advocate
Rant: Drink More Warm Sake!
Rant: How To Mainstream Sake
Rant: Legal Sea Foods, Sake & A Missed Opportunity

Sake Miscellany
Sake & Nature
Sake Poetry
A Poetry & Sake Game
Sake Resources
Sake Cocktails
Sake Miscellany
Sake Tasting Competitions
Sake Bath
Sake & Cherry Blossoms
Sake & Women
Sake Squid Cup
Sake Bombs
Drink Sake Not Bombs
Sake & Diplomacy
Wine Spectator: New Sake Articles
Shinkame Brewery: From Holy Turtle to Aged Sake (Part 1)
Shinkame Brewery: From Holy Turtle to Aged Sake (Part 2)
Sake Flavored Kit Kats

Annual Sake Summaries
2017: Favorite Sake Items
2014: Favorite Sake Items
2013: Favorite Sake Items
2012: Favorite Sake Items
2011: Favorite Sake Items
2010: Favorite Sake Items
2009: The Sake Experience

Sake Book & Magazine Reviews
Sake's Hidden Stories
Japanese for Sake Lovers
Sake Dictionary
Oishinbo: Sake
The Scent of Sake by Joyce Lebra
Sake: A Modern Guide
The Niigata Sake Book
Japanese Cocktails
Food Sake Tokyo
Brewing Sake: Release the Toji Within
Sake Today
Sake Confidential

U.S. Sake Stores & Breweries
Sakaya & A Return Visit
Sake Nomi
True Sake
Sake One
Blue Kudzu Sake: Artisan Brewering In Asheville
Blue Current Brewery: Making Sake In Maine

Sake Outside the U.S.
Sake in Australia
Sake in Canada
Sake in Vancouver
Growing Rice in Vancouver
Sake in Norway

(Updated as of June 4, 2019)

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