Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Champagne Day: October 28 (Plus a Contest!)

The second annual Champagne Day will be held in a few weeks, on October 28.

Another wine day? Should you even care? Well, Champagne in some respects is under appreciated, and thus worthy of a day intended to raise its profile. For example, Champagne consumption in the U.S. is very low in comparison to all of the other sparkling wines that are consumed. The U.S. drinks approximately 127 million bottles of other sparkling wines, and only 17 million bottles of Champagne. In addition, of the Champagne consumed, only a tiny percentage, less than 4%, constitutes Grower's Champagne. Thus, a spotlight needs to be shown upon Grower's Champagne.

Some of the Champagne advocates have already been providing educational information about Champagne, and I am sure they will continue to do so through October 28. Plus, the protection of the Champagne name needs more attention and advocacy. There are still too many people who do not understand that not all sparkling wine is Champagne.

So there are certainly valid reasons to support Champagne Day, and I'll give you another reason, a special contest where you can win a iPad 2!

The Champagne Bureau is hosting a Champagne Day Labeling Contest in which you can win an iPad 2 or one of four other prizes, Champagne tasting kits. To enter, just email a picture of an authentic Champagne label to or post the picture to your Facebook profile and tag yourself and the Champagne Bureau in the picture. This contest is intended to promote appreciation for and protection of true Champagne.

Contest entrants may submit multiple entries to increase their chances of winning. All entries must be unique, as duplicate entries will not be considered. See this site for more information about this contest.


CChamberlain said...

This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing Rich :)

Dale Cruse said...

I'm pretty sure I've got a few Champagne label photos.