Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Farm Stand in Hudson Valley: Big Rock Farms

Prior to our first winery visit of TasteCamp,we arrived about two hours early to the area so engaged in a little exploration. In Stanfordville, we stopped at Big Rock Farms, a  roadside farm stand, to see what we might find, and it turned out to be a worthy destination.

There was an outside area full of local fruits and vegetables, and a small building where you could find more fruits and vegetables, as well as meats, milk, baked goods and more. One of their refrigerators contained lots of local lamb, a variety of cuts, which certainly appealed to me. I did buy some of their milk, which was delicious, pairing well with my cider donut.

Pumpkins of various sizes were available.

A variety of tomatoes were available and we purchased some, enjoying them very much when we later ate them at home. They were fresh, with plenty of flavor to them.

There were many local apples available too, and I picked up and later enjoyed some Mutsu apples.

Potatoes and other root veggies were for sale.

And they sold Cider Donuts, made by The Red Devon, a local restaurant. I couldn't resist buying a couple and they were quite tasty, with a prominent apple cider taste.

If you are in the area, definitely make a stop here.

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