Saturday, April 3, 2010

AKA Bistro: Some Photos

AKA Bistro in Lincoln is now open! I stopped by and took some photos of the place, and I hope to dine there soon as well. As soon as I do, I will report back.

The above two photos show the French side of the restaurant, with a simple but elegant decor. The windows look outside and will allow in plenty of natural light. The top photo, at the left, also shows that there is a divider which somewhat conceals this area from the sashimi section.

This is the sashimi bar, actually two separate counters, with limited seating. Again, the decor is simple but elegant, without being pretentious. You get to watch the chefs at work, which can be quite fascinating.

I also had the chance to view their wine list. The list is about 99% French wines, with a small nod to Germany. There are no local wines yet though that was a stated objective so we shall have to wait and see. Most of the bottles cost about $35-$45, so it is a fairly affordable list. There are 17 wines available by the glass, and prices average $7-$9 per glass.

Most of the initial press about the restaurant has been very positive so I look forward to dining there soon.

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