Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mumbai Chopstix: Opening Monday

Mumbai Chopstix, a new Indian-Chinese restaurant, is set to open this Monday, April 19. Last month, I posted about this place, a restaurant concept that intrigued. I attended their Grand Opening party last evening, and got to check it out a bit. They served some appetizers, wine and beer.

They have an outside patio which should be a big draw this summer. Yesterday, the weather was beautiful and many of the other restaurant patios were doing quite a business. Sitting at a patio on Newbury Street, people watching, can be lots of fun.

There are two floors to the restaurant, and I am unsure of the exact set-up of the upper floor, as they were prepared for the event, so the dining room probably did not look like it actually will look. But, above, you can see a communal table, with seats on both sides. The top of the table is glass and there are numerous spices and ingredients below the glass, making for an interesting looking table.

I also liked some of the art and decor, mostly Indian, in this restaurant.

The downstairs area has a dining area as well as a bar. This is also where the kitchen is located.

The bar area is small, but pleasant. They only have beer and wine currently but will add a spirits list in the future. Plus, they will carry several Sakés.

A sari-clad temptress greeting the guests last evening.

I only got a couple pics of the food that was served. These were pork dumplings, which were tasty enough, though they tended to stick to the plate a little. The sauce was intriguing, very different from the usual dumpling sauce.

Vegetarian spring rolls are above. I also tasted some fried paneer, an Indian cheese, which was very good. The fried chicken, with a slightly sweet dipping sauce, had a nice crispy exterior and moist meat within. The naan was also pretty good, and I am a huge Indian bread fan. The food has potential, and I look forward to checking out the menu once they fully open.


MichellePC said...

This place looks great! I love the name, and I love the looks of that table - very creative.

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I checked the place out on Monday night and like you, liked the decor and think this place has a lot of potential. I will definitely try it out after they've been open a few weeks...

Roxane Johnson said...

Wow! This place looks awesome. Love reading your reviews. We're going to Portland, Maine for the long weekend. Do you know any great places to eat there? Places to stay? Do you know anything about the city?
Thanks, Roxane

Finance Foodie said...

great seeing you as always Rich!