Sunday, April 11, 2010

Infused Saké

Have you ever tried a fruit-infused Saké? It can be an interesting drink, especially during the summer, and can be used as a base for various cocktails. Though you could instead use a fruit-infused vodka, the Saké will possess less than half the alcohol.

You can purchase pre-made, infused-Saké, which comes in a variety of fruit flavors from Asian Pear to Raspberry. For example, SakéOne produces their Moonstone line, which has four infused Sakés. Or you can make your own!

Check out a new article in the Los Angeles Times called The Project: Fruit-infused sakes, which contains recipes to make three infused-Sakés. You'll find recipes for strawberry-infused saké, citrus-infused saké and pineapple-infused saké.

Besides the above fruits, you can experiment with others too, just use the above recipes as a template.

Have you tasted any infused Sakés, or made your own? If so, please leave me a comment.

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