Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dining In a Rut

Has your dining out become a rut? Do you go to the same restaurants all of the time? Do you get the same dish everytime you go to a restaurant?

If so, break out of your rut and try something new!

Try going out to a new restaurant. Try a different dish. Do something different and take a risk. You never know what treasures you might find. You might stumble upon a new favorite restaurant or dish. You might find a new culinary pleasure. But you won't do so unless you take that risk.

Sure, you might find a dud as well. You might go to a new restaurant that you dislike, or try a new dish that is horrible. But that is part of the risk.

You can lessen that risk to some degree though. You can check reviews on new restaurants or dishes. You can speak to friends that have already eaten there. But, I think the risk is worth the potential bad meal you might get. For the immense pleasure you get when you find a culinary gem is well worth it.

I love trying new restaurants and new dishes. And the number of successes I have had far outweigh the disappointments. I have found so many new pleasures from trying different dishes. Just think past weekend, I tried a new bakery, the Danish Pastry House, and a new restaurant, Toro. And both were absolute successes.

With summer here, people travel a lot. You may end up in cities and towns where you don't know the restaurants. Or you may only know a couple. Well, take a chance. Try something new! Even if you don't go anywhere, try a new local restaurant. Break out of your rut.

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