Monday, July 9, 2007

Harry Potter

With the impending release of the last Harry Potter book, there are many celebrations at local bookstores. But there is also one at a local wine store that perked my attention.

The Grapevine Travelers wine store is holding a Harry Potter Mead Tasting on July 20, from 8-10pm.

Here is what they have to say about the event:

"While we wait until the clock strikes midnight to get our hands on “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows”, join us at the shop as Dr. Jim Pert, aka Wizard Dumbledore (the head of the Hogwart School), tastes us on two different Meads & even does a Mead-making demonstration. Mead, aka “Butter Beer” in Harry Potter’s world, is an ancient beverage with a fascinating history that has been around since 4,000 B.C….& imbibed by Harry during one of his previous adventures. And, after you’ve had your full of Mead, head on next door to ERA Realty where Rob from Bestsellers Café will be hosting the “Harry Potter Book #7 Launch Party” from 4pm to 1am complete with magic acts, crafts & storytelling for grown-ups. For more information about the book launch, contact"

It sound like an interesting and informative event about Mead.

Grapevine Travelers
18 High St.
Medford, MA

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