Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pizza & Pornography?

Does pizza and pornography go together?

It would not seem to be a natural pairing but at least one restaurant thinks it goes together. CBC News reported on Porno Pizza, a new restaurant in Winnipeg, Canada. Each pizza comes with a pornographic photo though customers must show identification to prove they are 18 years old. Porno Pizza also gives suggestive names to its combination pizzas, such as Missionary Position, Beaver, Climax and Bareback.

Though there is some opposition to the store, the owner states that the majority of his customers are actually women. The owner is also selling franchises in Canada.

Would this idea go over in the U.S.? I guess much would depend on the laws of the specific states. It is probably an idea that would be popular with many customers though there would be a vocal opposition as well. There is a topless donut shop in Main so a pizza shop with porno does not sound too much out of line.

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