Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lower Falls Wine Co.

I visited the Lower Falls Wine Co. this evening to attend a special wine tasting. I don't get the opportunity to visit this wine store enough. I have mentioned this store before but have not really gone into full detail before so let me correct that now.

Lower Falls Wine Co. is easily accessible from Rt.128 and has its own parking lot. It is a small wine store that has primarily wine though it does stock some beers and spirits as well. Because of its smaller size, it must be selective about what wines it stocks. And they choose their wines quite well.

Their wines are probably more expensive on average than many other wine stores. They do carry some wines that are $10 and less but they concentrate on more expensive wines. They do have a fair selection of wines from $15-25. The prices for their wines are average but there are often special discount too. In addition, they give you a 10% discount if you buy a mixed case of wine. They do have a special section for their most expensive wines, including some top notch Bordeaux.

One of the reasons this wine store is well worth the visit is their choice of wines. They choose very interesting, high quality wines. I often find wines here that I have never seen elsewhere. Yes, they may be a bit more expensive, but they are usually well worth the price. They are good values. And you probably won't find these wines for a cheaper price elsewhere. They do not choose their wines because they are more expensive. They choose them because they are good wines. Their stock of wines indicates a true passion for wine.

A second reason why this wine store is well worth the visit is their staff. Their staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, personable and passionate. If you ask them a question, they will gladly try to help you and usually know the answer. And listening to them talk, you can feel their passion for wine, including the wines they stock. They don't push any wines on you. They just try to make you a more informed consumer.

They hold complimentary wine tastings every Saturday from 12pm-4pm. They also have additional free tastings on a sporadic schedule. You can find out about these special tastings if you are on their email list, which I highly recommend you sign up for. These special tastings are often very interesting, sometimes held with the winemakers. And they sometimes taste some very exceptional wines, which you may never get another chance to taste.

Lower Falls recently updated their website and made it much more user friendly and informative. Definitely check it out and sign up for their e-newsletter.

I have previously bought many excellent wines here. This evening I bought a case of wine, nearly all of them wines I had never had before. I bought a couple wines from Sutton Cellars, their Syrah and Carignane. They looked interesting to me and were recommended by one of the staff. I do have faith in their staff recommendations. If you can find a wine store where you trust the staff, then you have found an excellent store. I also picked up some Spanish wines, a couple wines that I had never seen before elsewhere.

Overall, I highly recommend this wine store. Don't go there to find a bottle of Yellow Tail. Do go there to find some unique and interesting wines. Ask the staff for their recommendations. Maybe you will find some new favorites!

Lower Falls Wine Co.
2366 Washington Street (Rt. 16)
Newton Lower Falls, MA
Phone: (617) 332-3000

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