Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dunkin Donuts: Iced Tea

I recently raved about the blueberry white iced tea at Starbucks. Well, Dunkin Donuts has now jumped on the iced tea bandwagon. They now sell regular iced tea as well as raspberry and peach flavored iced teas. I tried a large regular iced tea this morning. How does it compare to Starbucks?

First, the large Dunkin Donuts iced tea cost $2.40 which is 30 cents more than the $2.10 it costs at Starbucks. The cups seem about the same size.

Second, Starbucks has more appealing flavors to me. They include black, green, white and passion tea, with the addition of some flavored teas like the blueberry white tea.

Third, the Dunkin iced tea was a bit too tannic, as if it sat brewing too long. I can't say yet whether this was just one bad batch or something usual. Besides that, it tasted fine.

So, I probably will still get my iced tea at Starbuckss as it is cheaper and has more flavors that appeal to me.

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Anonymous said...

have you seen the people at starbucks make your tea? it's flavor mixed with water, not brewed tea.