Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stoneham Summer Festival

Starting today, and extending through July 21, the Stoneham Summer Festival is being held at the Redstone shopping center. Fiesta Shows is hosting this event and you can find coupons online. This carnival will have various rides and games.

I will likely stop by the carnival but not for the rides or games. I will be seeking out food, especially candied applies. All the usual carnival foods should be available, from fried dough to cotton candy, from sno-cones to corndogs. But my favorite are the red candied apples, covered with shredded coconut. I like the hard candy shell better than the soft caramel covered apples. They are a guilty pleasure that I have only rarely as they are not easy to find any longer.

So, what about you? Going to the carnival for any guilty pleasures?

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