Wednesday, July 25, 2007

TV Diner vs Phantom Gourmet

Which do you prefer, TV Diner or the Phantom Gourmet?

Today's Boston Globe has an interesting article comparing the two television shows and discussing their rivalry. The article has some intriguing facts concerning the shows. I do watch both shows.

First, the Phantom Gourmet makes their guests agree not to appear on TV Diner for a few months after their appearance. The exact amount of time is not specified. TV Diner does not make this same demand of its guests. Dave Andelman claims this restriction is a usual television practice. I have heard of some other shows restricting their guests in the same manner. But, I am not sure it is necessary. Would it really negatively impact the Phantom that much if they did not have the restriction? I think that, if anything, it might hurt the public. I am sure some restaurants don't like the restriction and thus won't appear because of it.

Second, TV Diner is said to feature more high end-restaurants than the Phantom. Based on my viewing, I do believe that to me true.

Third, the Phantom seems like it caters more to men, with its emphasis on topics like the best steak and cheese or best burgers. This is an interesting idea, and I do have to agree with this as well. You see far less women on the Phantom. TV Diner has women regularly on their show, including doing regular segments.

Fourth, TV Diner is planning a future "community event" though no details are given. The Phantom has their upcoming food festival in September.

I saw that MenuPages did discuss this article too. I also made a recent post on the Phantom Gourmet. My personal preference though out of the two shows is TV Diner. I probably see more restaurants on TV Diner that interest me than the Phantom. I do like some of the special segments on TV Diner such as the cooking.

I believe there is plenty of room for both shows in our area. The competition is good for the public.

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