Friday, July 13, 2007

Cinnamon Rolls

As I have mentioned before, I love cinnamon. One of my favorite cinnamon items though are cinnamon rolls. And most specifically, my mother's cinnamon rolls. no one makes them better than mom. She has been making them for me since I was a child and I still savor them. So, for my birthday yesterday, my mom brought me a batch of fresh, hot cinnamon rolls!!!! They were absolutely delicious with the perfect amount of cinnamon. Thank you so much Mom!

Maybe in the near future I will post the recipe. But we warned, they won't be as good as my mom's cinnamon rolls.

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MOM said...

Dear Son...How proud I was to see you sing my praises in your column...I have made you cinnamon rolls since you were 4yrs. old and you have always loved them...I hope in some small way they contributed to your love of good food...another batch will be coming for making me part of the "Passionate Foodie"...Love from your "Foodie Mom".