Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ladera Sagrada

On June 30, Acton Wine & Spirit Co. hosted a special wine tasting with six Spanish winemakers. This was an exceptional event. I am going to address each of the Spanish winemakers and their wines in their own post.

I next moved on to meet Pedro Alvarez of the Ladera Sagrada winery of the Valdeorras D.O. This winery was founded in 1920 and they grow only two varietals, Godello and Mencia. Most of the vines are over 25 years old. Pedro was very personable and passionate. It was very enjoyable to speak with him.

He only had one wine available for tasting, the 2006 Ladera Sagrada Papa ($13.99). This white wine is made of 100% Godello. It sees no oak and also does not see any malolactic fermentation. I am very picky about my white wines but this wine impressed me. It is light yellow in color and has a nose of green apples. There is also a strong flavor of green apples on the palate, along bit a bit of pear. It has a nice crispness to it with a tinge of minerality. It is a very interesting wine and certainly would make good drinking on a summer day. A good value white wine.

Pedro did tell me that they are making a red wine, made from the Mencia varietal, will eventually be made available in the U.S. I am a fan of the Mencia grape, usually tasting such wines from the Bierzo D.O. If Ladera Sagrada does so well with the Godello, I look forward to their Mencia wine.

Kudos to Pedro Alavarez!

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