Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unagi Sandwich Once Again

Mmmm...the Unagi Sandwich for lunch.

I returned to Kyotoya, this time for lunch. They have a special lunch box menu. You essentially get a choice from four different columns, almost each column having five choices. So, you end up with two appetizers, and entree and rice. Plus, you also get a salad and miso soup. And all that food only costs $6.95.

I had gyoza, tatsuta age (nuggets of boneless fried chicken), General Gao's Chicken and white rice. All of it was very good. This is a great value lunch.

But, I added an unagi sandwich. I just love the sweet potato tempura that sandwiches pieces of cooked eel, and topped with BBQ sauce. So delicious. And also only $6.95. Give it a try!


Spinning Jenny said...

I am also from Stoneham and this is my favorite lunch place,,

Richard Auffrey said...

Hi Jenny and welcome to my blog. I think Kyotoya is somewhat a hidden gem that not everyone knows about. But, if they enjoy Japanese food, they will like Kyotoya.