Friday, July 6, 2007

Canton Garden

There are plenty of small, hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants in every town and city. These are generally Americanized Chinese restaurants, with the usual appetizers and dishes. And most of them are very similar. The quality of the food can vary place to place. They may be decent for a quick lunch or on New Year's Eve, but they are usually not high quality places. But, when you eat there, you generally know what to expect.

I decided to have lunch at Canton Garden. I had never been there before so thought I might give it a try. It is located in a small strip of stores near Redstone Shopping Center. It is very close to Sato II. The restaurant has about 10 tables and you apparently order at the counter. Maybe at night they have a waitress.

The menu has all the usual dishes and appetizers, including a page of lunch specials. There are 14 lunch plates, all where you get at least one choice of an appetizer from a list of ten. I chose the #8, Pork Fried Rice with Fried Wontons, Chicken Fingers and Beef Teriyaki ($7.50). It took several minutes for my lunch to be prepared which boded well as it appeared they made some of the items fresh.

My plate was good-sized with a large scoop of Pork Fried Rice, two Beef Teriyaki sticks, four Chicken Fingers and five Fried Wontons. The Beef was good, with a nice tasting sauce. The Chicken was ok, typical Fingers you get everywhere. The Wontons were crispy and good. The rice was good, and did not have any bean sprouts. Overall, the food is typical to most other such restaurants, though maybe a bit better. They do deliver as well.

If you have a hankering for this type of Chinese food, then you will probably enjoy the food.

Canton Garden
125 Main St.
Stoneham, MA
Phone: (781)-438-8088 (or 9088)

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