Saturday, July 21, 2007

Porchai: Dinner

So I couldn't wait to try the duck!

Last night, I made a trek back to Porchai for dinner.

We began with the Pot Stickers which were just as could as the previous evening. We also had the Thai Wonton Soup ($3.50). This is described as shrimp & pork in wontons in a light clear broth. This is not fully accurate as the broth also contains cabbage and scallions. There were three wontons in the soup, which seemed to be to resemble oversized shumai. They were filled with meat and very tasty. The broth has a fishy flavor and was good as well.

We did bring a bottle of our own wine. And there was no corkage fee at all. They provided a couple of nice wine glasses and a cork screw. Being able to bring your own wine, and not having a corkage fee, certainly makes the evening more affordable.

For our entrees, we ordered two different duck dishes, the Siamese Ruby Duck ($18) and the Centre St. Crispy Duck ($18). The Siamese is in a red wine sauce and the Centre St. in a lemongrass sauce with white wine. Both dishes contained a large amount of duck with some accompanying vegetables. They certainly did not skimp on the portions of duck. The duck was meaty, with little fat, and the skins were cooked very well. The red wine sauce was delicious and nicely complemented the duck. The Centre St. duck had a nice crispy skin and its sauce was also very good too. The duck comes with rice, white or brown. Both dishes were excellent and I would order either of them again.

So, my second visit Porchai made a good impression on me as well. I do recommend Porchai for some good, and reasonably priced, Thai.

19 Centre St.
Wakefield, MA
Phone: (781) 213-9933

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