Monday, July 23, 2007

2002 Marques de Gelida Cava

Cava is Spanish sparkling wine, made in the same manner as French Champagne. But there are some differences as well. For one, the Spanish Cava regions generally get a lot more sunshine than Champagne so Cavas are often softer with riper fruit flavours. Cavas also usually use some indigenous Spanish grapes, including macabeo, paralleda, and xarello. These varietals commonly make a light, fruity wine.

I prefer Cava to Champagne because I do not care for the yeasty flavors of many Champagnes. I prefer a fruitier wine. It is my experience that others who dislike thay same yeasty flavor also tend to enjoy Cavas. Many people though are not familiar with Cavas, though they would like them if they tried them. Cavas are usually cheaper than Champagne which is nother advantage.

The 2002 Marques de Gelida Cava Brut Exclusive Reserva ($15) is an excellent example of Cava. It has a fine fruitiness with only a touch of sweetness. It is refreshing with a medium length finish. This is one of the better Cavas that I have had and it is a good value at this price. This is a definite Drink & Buy!

If you have not ever had a Cava, try this one. Even if you dislike sparkling wines, give this a try as you might be surprised.

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