Friday, July 6, 2007

Spicy Vindaloo

I made another visit to the Karishma Indian Bistro for a quick dinner.

Let me start by saying that the two large screen TVs were again playing some type of Indian MTV. I still don't think that is a good idea.

Onto the meal....

It started off with several free papadums with a tamarind sauce. These are good, with a bit of spice, and the tamarind sauce has a nice sweetness.

I ordered the Chicken Vindaloo and some Tandoori Roti. Again, the dish of Vindaloo was very large, with plenty of chicken. The meat was very tender and I needed only the fork to cut off pieces. The sauce was very hot and spicy, as I ordered it. I received a large dish of basmati rice as well. There really was enough food for two people. The bread was as excellent as before, large, hot and buttery.

The food has been consistently good. This place is worth a try.

Karishma Indian Bistro
23 Water Street
Wakefield, MA
Phone: (781) 246-4111

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