Sunday, July 1, 2007

Falset Marca

On June 30, Acton Wine & Spirit Co. hosted a special wine tasting with six Spanish winemakers. This was an exceptional event. I am going to address each of the Spanish winemakers and their wines in their own post.

The fifth winemaker I met and spoke with was Carmen Sebastian of Falset Marca. This winery, founded in 1913, is located in the Montsant D.O., next to Priorat. Many of their vines are old, up to 100 years old. Montsant wines are often comparable to Priorat wines, except they are less expensive. Thus you can often find some great deals there. The wines of Falset Marca certainly qualify as excellent value wines. Carmen was bubbly and personable. I enjoyed talking to her very much.

Carmen has two wines available for tasting, one that I already knew.

2005 Falset Marca Falset ($9.99)--I first had this at a local wine tasting dinner, a tapas night. I was very impressed with this wine and have continued to buy it since then. This wine is made of 50% Garnacha, 30% Carinena, and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. It does not see oak and they only make 4000 cases. This wine has a wonderful fruity aroma. On the palate, there is an explosion of fruit, a lushness that pleases. It can be drank alone or with food. An excellent value and well worth seeking out.

2003 Falset Marca Falset Old Vines ($14.99)--This intriguing wine is 85% Garnacha and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes come from vines that are over 100 years old. The wine is aged in Allier French oak for 10 months and only 1300 cases were made. The complexity of this wine is obvious. There are smooth, subdued flavors that mesh harmoniously. It has a long, satisfying finish. Just a hedonistic joy. And at this price, a great value.

Kudos to Carmen Sebastian!


Anonymous said...

Just got back from Falset! Great wines....more comments in a bit...once I settle down from the trip

Richard Auffrey said...

Ah, great to hear! Can't wait to see your own comments on their wines.

Carmen Sebastián said...

Great Ryan, happy to hear you loved the wines can't wait for your comments

Anonymous said...

i am lucky enough to own 6.5 hectares of land just out side falset and marca. a lovely part of catalunya. i always enjoy the local wine.

Richard Auffrey said...

Hi Jutt and welcome to my blog. I will be visiting the Montsant region in a couple months. That will be my first visit to that area and I eagerly look forward to it.