Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Danish Pastry House

I spent the day today with my mother and nephew wandering around Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. It was certainly a beautiful day for a bit of culinary adventuring.

We started in the South End, visiting the South End Open Market. There were a few food vendors there, mainly bakeries and a fruit/veggie stand. I was particularly intrigued by the stand belonging to the Danish Pastry House. They had a number of incredible looking baked goods, including huge cookies, cinnamon brioche rolls, ham & cheese croissants, muffins and more. I bought a box of pastries to go and ate a few there as well. Everything was obviously very fresh, and delicious. The ham & cheese croissant was flaky, and stuffed with lots of cheese and ham. The cinnamon brioche rolls were very tasty.

I was unfamiliar with this vendor but have now checked out their website. They have stands at six local markets, as well as a cafe in Medford and a bakery in Watertown.

I do know that I will soon be making a trip to Medford to check them out more closely. Stay tuned for a future report.

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